Thursday, May 3, 2012

True Bohemian Fashion: The Sartorialist
Let's get something straight: The Sartorialist is the best fashion blog in existence.

Because though many herald it as one of the founders of the "documentary fashion" trend (Bill Cunningham's New York Times column being another), I think its magic lies in the implicit statement it makes: that though good fashion sense can be organic and instinctive, you can learn to recognize it (be a fashion connoisseur) through basic keys such as proportion, contrast, shape, etc.
Let me explain what I mean: during a recent trip to Milan, I spent the first day marveling at how organically well-put-together the people in that city looked, even in the most casual or inexpensive of ghettos. By the next day, I was taking a critical look at my own clothes and figuring out what made my results so different from theirs. And by the third day, I'd rearranged the outfits I'd brought with me and began to come close to achieving the stylish Milanese silhouette. It's as if it had come together in my head from being surrounded by it, a kind of fashionable osmosis. (Of course, three days in Venice sorrounded by badly-dressed tourists took care of that, but I digress.)

My point is that you can do more for your sense of style from absorbing what good fashion looks like than from all the fashion tutorials in the world. And that is what is magical about the brainchild of blogger and photographer Scott Schuman. Sure, The Sartorialist is all about street style, a natural sense of glamour, outfits that feel organic to the streets they are discovered in, and with none of the airs of typical fashion magazines. But it's also expertly curated with examples of good fashion from the most stylish cities in the world (Milan, Tokyo, New York, Rome, and more). 

All of this makes it, as one web developer I work for would say, "a blog of immense awesomeness." Now 'nough said. Here's a taste of The Sartorialist. All photos by Scott Schuman, used without permission, but with love and admiration. Enjoy.


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